Eyelash Extension Services

Menus and Prices

While Amazing Eyelash extensions are perfect for special occasions, some like to wear them every day because of their natural look.


Choose from our selection of lashes made from natural and synthetic fibres, as well as the perfect set to customize your look.


Lash types

Mink eyelash extensions are highly recommended for their natural quality feel and similarities to your own eyelashes. They are softer and lighter than silk or acrylic to suit your daily activities.  Most people will love these as even your friends will not be able to see that you have had eyelash extensions.

Silk eyelash extensions are perfect for any ladies preparing to attend  a special event with style.  The eyelashes are known for their shine and smooth texture.  These are the thickest eyelashes.

Acrylic eyelash extensions are suitable for ladies who want to have an eyelash that is in between silk and mink. 
This is not as thick as silk, but still provides a thick and bold look which is commonly requested by customers.


  • Black
  • Brown


  • 8 ml up to 16ml

Full set      

  • $150 Acrylic and Silk
  • $190 Volume 3D
  • $200 Russian 4D-6D

These lashes are applied individually, which takes approx 45minutes up to 60 minutes for Volume.


Half set     

  • $70

These lashes are applied from the middle to the end of the eye and takes approx. 30 minutes

Bottom lashes 

  • $30

These are not required if you have long lashes.  If required these take about 20 minutes.

Lash removal 

  • $20

Takes about 10 minutes.